Andres Sanchez
​大提琴演奏家 cellist

大提琴家Andres Sanchez,出生于美国宾夕法尼亚州Allentown,八岁在波多黎各音乐团首席大提琴家米格尔·罗哈斯(Miguel Rojas)的带领下开始学习大提琴。经过两年的学习,他将学业转移到了前波多黎各交响乐团首席大提琴家,耶稣莫拉莱斯的大提琴工作室,达利四重奏大提琴手下继续学习。10岁那年,Andres 在芝加哥的Midwest Clinic of Chicago和大洋城流行乐团(Ocean City Pops orchestra)进行了个人首演。三年后,他与Arconet室内乐团一起在卡内基音乐厅首次亮相。16岁的Andres于2013年被柯蒂斯音乐学院录取,目前在大提琴家彼得威利(Peter Wiley)和卡特布雷(Carter Brey)手下学习。安德烈斯曾多次与阿迪斯·科蒂斯(Curtis)在Arconet室内乐团中担任独奏,也曾在Kutztown大学室内乐团中担任独奏,还曾在Kennet Square交响乐团、Central Jersey交响乐团和Summit交响乐团担任独奏。


作为一名对音乐充满热情的室内乐演奏家,Andres在Curtis学生演奏会上演出了30多次室内音乐会。他还参加了该系列的一些协奏曲和奏鸣曲演出。在2016-17赛季,Andres担任柯蒂斯交响乐团的副首席大提琴手,并担任柯蒂斯歌剧乐团的首席。在任职期间,Andres在金梅尔中心(Kimmel Center)等著名场所中演出;也是2017年Curtis巡回演唱会的参加者,Andres也欧洲各地,包括柏林的音乐厅,赫尔辛基的音乐博物馆,爱乐乐团和韦纳音乐厅进行演出。


Andres在柯蒂斯音乐学院期间曾参加过数个大师班,包括大提琴家马西·罗森,科林·卡尔和蒂莫西·埃迪。他还参加了2015年班夫中心大师班计划,在那里他与大提琴家安德烈斯·迪亚斯(Andres Díaz),拉斐尔·沃尔菲施(Raphael Walfisch)和丹尼斯·布洛特(Denis Brott)一起学习,他还参加了2016年Angel Fire Festival,与艾达·卡瓦菲安(Ida Kavafian)等艺术家并肩同台演出。

Honduran-Venezuelan Cellist Andres Sanchez, born in Allentown PA, USA, began his cello studies at the age of eight years old under the wing of current Puerto Rico symphony cello principle Miguel Rojas. After two years of study, he moved his studies to the cello studio of Jesus Morales, cellist of the Dali Quartet and ex principle of the Puerto Rico Symphony. At 10 years of age, Andres made his first solo debuts in the Midwest Clinic of Chicago, and the Ocean City Pops orchestra. Three years later, he made his Carnegie hall debut along side the Arconet chamber orchestra. At age 16, Andres was accepted to the Curtis Institute of Music in 2013, where he currently studies with cellist Peter Wiley and Carter Brey.

Andres has appeared as soloist with the Arconet Chamber Orchestra on several occasions sine joining Curtis and has also performed as a soloist with the Kutztown Univeristy Chamber orchestra. He has also performed as a soloist with the Kennet Square Symphony, the Central Jersey Symphony, and the Summit Symphony.


Also an avid chamber musician, Andres has performed in over 30 chamber music concerts in the Curtis Student recital Series. He has also made several concerto and sonata appearances on the series including performances of Brahms E minor sonata, Bach suite no. 2, Lalo Concerto, and Rococo Variations. As cellist of the AYA trio, he will be performing chamber across the country in locations such as Memphis TN, New York City, Waterbury CT, and Washington DC. The AYA trio just recently signed into the roster of Jean Schreiber Management where they will be represented by Jean Schreiber Deutsch.

In the 2016-17 season, Andres served as the associate principal cellist of the Curtis Symphony Orchestra and as principle of the Curtis Opera Orchestra. During his service, Andres played in high profile venues such as the Kimmel Center; also a participant of the 2017 Curtis on Tour, Andres traveled and played in the finest venues of European cities including Berlin’s Konzerthaus, Helsinki’s Musiikkitalo, Dresdner Philarmonie, and Weiner Concert Hall.

Andres has attended several master classes while at the Curtis institute of music, including ones with cellist Marcy Rosen, Colin Carr, and Timothy Eddy. He also participated the 2015 Banff Center Master Class Program where he studied with cellist Andres Díaz, Raphael Walfisch, and Denis Brott, and he has also participated in the 2016 Music From Angel Fire Festival where he performed side by side with Artists such as Ida Kavafian, Peter Wiley, Steven Tenenbom, and Ani Kavafian. Andres has also participated in the Hefietz institute, where he performed several chamber and solo recital works and took part in several master classes with cellist such as Franz Helmerson and Amit Peled. In the summer of 2018, Andres attended the Great Lakes Chamber Music Festival where he played with and was coached by the esteemed artists of the Emerson Quartet including Philip Setzer and Paul Watkins.


Andres has been a participant of several competitions including the WDAV, Fischoff, M-Prize, Hudson Valley, Greenfield, and the Carlos Prieto International Cello competition.