Hong, chai won
​韩国大提琴演奏家 cellist

韩国大提琴演奏家1990出生于韩国首尔一个音乐世家,10岁开始学习大提琴。本科毕业于韩国国立艺术大学,之后赴美获得美国印第安纳大学演奏家学位,现在她正师从Suren Bagratuni以全额奖学金攻读密歇根州立大学


洪採源的演出足迹遍布欧洲,美国,亚洲。她曾在韩国首尔艺术中心,捷克布拉格鲁道夫音乐厅,纽约卡内基音乐厅,法国巴黎L’eglise Madeline 音乐厅西西里Politema garibaldi 音乐厅举办独奏音乐会。她还以独奏家身份受邀参演在德沃夏克音乐厅举办的捷克国家新年音乐会。

 她以协奏曲独奏家身份与纽伦堡交响乐团,意大利圣雷蒙交响乐团,法国拉斯维奥斯交响乐团,美国Armenian state交响乐团合作。


 洪採源常年受邀参加首尔Kronberg Academy音乐季与Bernard Greenhouse Miklos Perenyi, Frans Helmerson and Gary Hoffman等国际知名音乐家同台演出。

Chae won Hong 还参演过多米尼亚共和国Water Island 音乐节,德国法兰克福bad Ems 音乐节法国Barbizon音乐节,Gargilesse音乐节,巴黎Jeanne d'arc 音乐节。现为Decordes国际音乐季常驻客席音乐家。

洪採源在许多国际音乐赛事上屡获殊荣,纽约卡内基音乐厅大赛金奖,MAK音乐比赛金奖,密苏里Hellam国际青年音乐家大赛金奖。海顿国际音乐大赛金奖,她在日本大阪国际音乐大赛,music Journal 比赛,Hanjun音乐比赛(原KBS音乐大赛)Busan MBC 音乐大赛,Ewha音乐大赛上也均斩获奖项。最近她获得2018年Aram Khachaturian国际比赛第三名的佳绩,并获得最受观众欢迎奖与贝多芬作品特别奖并接受著名音乐家Krzysztof Penderecki颁奖。

Korean cellist Chae won Hong performed extensively throughout the Europe, United States in such prominent venues as the Seoul Art Center in Seoul, South Korea, Rudolfinum in Prague, Czech republic, Carnegie hall (Zankel hall) in New york, United states, L’eglise Madeline in Paris, France, Politema garibaldi in Sicilia,Palermo. And She has appeared as a guest soloist for new year gala concert at Dvorak hall, Czech Republic. most recently , Miss Hong performed with Armenian state Symphony Orchestra under the baton of Sergey Smbatyan at Grand concert hall in Yerevan, Armenia.

She has been featured in numerous concert hall as a soloist, with Nürnberg Symphoniker in Germany, San remo Symphony orchestral in San remo ,Italy, Camerata Michigan , United States, Les Violons de France, France.



With Her interest in musical and academical engagement has led her to participate in numerous music festival as a candidate, as a guest cellist as well.

She had participated in Kronberg Academy in seoul ,with Bernard Greenhouse ,Miklos Perenyi, Frans Helmerson and Gary Hoffman.

Few years later, She participated in Kronberg masterclass as an active participant in 2018.


As a guest cellist, she had been featured in many Music festivals such as Water Island music festival in St.thomas and Curaçao , in Dominica Republic, other festivals in Frankfurt,Bad Ems in Germany ,Barbizon and Gargilesse in France as a guest cellist. She was also invited to appear as a soloist in jeanne d'arc festival in Paris and Orleans , France.

Miss Hong is a regular guest of Festival international decordes in France.



Born in South Korea in 1990,

Chae-won was born into a music family in Seoul, South Korea,and began cello studies at the age ten.

Chae-won finished Bachelor course at Korea National University of Art with Myung-Hwa Chung, and Kang Ho Lee before continuing her studies in U.S.A

She took her performance diploma course at Jacobs school,Indiana University,

Now she is studying with Suren Bagratuni at Michigan State University where she has been being the recipient of full scholarship for entire academic years.


Chae-won has triumphed in multiple vocal competitions winning grand prize at Carnegie hall competition in NY and the MAK Music Competition, Hellam International young artist competition in Missouri. Most recently she won 3rd prize in 2018 Aram Khachaturian International Competition , earning the privilege of Audience prize and Beethoven Prize which was given by Krzysztof Penderecki , with promising several engagements in 2020


Besides of her musical achievements, she was also awarded at Haydn International Music Competition (grand prize) , Japan-Osaka International Music Competition, the Music Journal Competition, Hanjun Music Competition( Old KBS Music competition.), Baroque Chamber Orchestra Music Competition, second prize of the Busan MBC music competition(Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation),the Ewha Music Competition .